How to Set Up a New Android Phone

How To Set Up Your New Android phone

Finally, you have made up your mind to buy an Android phone, and the time has come when you feel proud to unwrap your newly bought device. So far so good, but what next? Don’t you need to do something more to have the phone work the way it is designed for? Of course yes, you have just got an Android phone, a high tech device that demands a lot to offer a lot. After hearing much about how feature-rich Android is, you are sure to become impatient to use them right away, but you have to do certain things in order to put your hands on the features for which Android has the reputation.

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Know Your Android Phone

Know your phone - How To Set Up Your New Android phone

Every new model even of the same maker comes with something new. And, if you are using a different brand for the first time, you need to know a lot about your handset. You need to read carefully what is what, and how things are to be done and don’t forget to go through the essential guidelines given by the manufacturer of the device. This will not only help you get accustomed to your new phone and how to use it to its full potential but also it helps you avoid any damage to the handset. Moreover, if you are using a newer version of Android, it comes packed with many rich and highly useful features and options. Knowing them closely means you are able to make full use of an Android phone.

Get Connected to Wi-Fi

Connect to a Wifi - How To Set Up Your New Android phone

Set up a Wi-Fi connection and start updating the built-in apps. Consider it the first step in finding your way out to enter the huge app stores on the internet. To enable Wi-Fi connection, follow the instructions carefully. It isn’t a big deal, you can easily do that. Once you connect, you can set up a Google account.

Customize the Desktop

Customzie the homescreen - How To Set Up Your New Android phone

Know how you can arrange the desktop to serve you the best. Android desktop offers multiple home screen panels. In this area, you have to spend some good time, since you have to arrange things in a way that pleases you more and makes your routine tasks easier and simpler. Don’t forget that you have owned now an Android phone that has many things to offer.

Populate Your Phone with the Latest and Useful Apps

Install Apps - How To Set Up Your New Android phone

Once you are up and running, visit the Google Play Store and see where you can take a start. You can download and install Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, Google Music, Google Voice, and many such highly useful applications. Visit other official sites packed with important applications and install the more useful ones. You can find so many applications from many legal sites and that you won’t find yourself satisfying your greed to get more. Well, be reasonable and get only the ones that you would need more.

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Setting Applications Update limits

Once you have populated your phone with many different types of apps, you are sure to find yourself with a problem. That is, many applications are programmed to check and get updated on certain schedules. When this updating process becomes more frequent, you are sure to lose your patience and the performance of the handset. Therefore, limit the updating so that you get the updates without affecting the performance or time.

Sync Your Videos, Pictures, and Music

Sync everything - How To Set Up Your New Android phone

Your Android won’t need a USB cable to do the above tasks, as Wi-Fi syncing and internet streaming is more than enough and this is a very simple job.

Get a Car Kit

Car Kit - How To Set Up Your New Android phone

Using the phone while driving not only invites many risks of accidents but is also considered a punishable act in many countries. However, you can’t negate emergencies. Therefore, get a suitable car kit that lets you make phone calls from within the car. But, again, be careful and use the phone while in the car only if it is that important.

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Google Hangouts Log in

This feature will help you to get in touch with your contacts free of cost. You can make audio and video calls to anyone with a Gmail account.

Stay Safe

When you connect to the internet, it is like you open your doors wide open for predators. Your data can be hacked, your phone can become badly infected, and many ugly things can happen if your Android phone isn’t protected properly. You can protect your phone in two ways. Either by being aware what are you clicking or by installing an effective antivirus application. So, do some good homework and learn how to protect yourself.

Finally, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your set properly maintained or well protected from every angle.

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