Protect Your iPhone Privacy By Following These 5 Simple Steps

In today’s online world where a hefty part of our lives is stored on our iPhones, privacy is pretty important. When Mark Zuckerberg made controversial changes to the Facebook privacy settings he stated – “Privacy is dead, get over it”. But we don’t see him running around naked in his neighborhood because of the fact that those parts are preserved for him and the persons he chooses to show them to. He went so far protecting his privacy, that he actually bought 4 surrounding properties around his house in Palo Alto, CA. Just so he can sit relaxed in his backyard protected from the paparazzi’s that want to take a glimpse at his ‘dead privacy’.

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So although some may object, we should try to protect our iPhone privacy as much as we can. And to be honest, during the research for this article I was surprised by the number of people who don’t care about their iPhone privacy. After stating them the facts and helping them set a basic protection, those same people looked at this problem from a new perspective.

Are you one of those people? If that’s a positive answer and you haven’t done anything regarding your protection, then you should follow these 5 simple steps to improve your iPhone privacy.

Use A Password Manager App

Since I started using a password manager my life changed for the better. I no longer had to struggle with all of those numerous complex passwords. In fact, the app itself generates passwords that not even the NSA could break. It stores them on secured servers and only the user has the key to decipher them. When you need them it automatically fills the password and you only need to verify it with the master password or TouchID. What a beauty huh?

I would suggest using LastPass or 1Password as the most advanced password managers out there.

Use Strong Passcode + Touch ID

Although with the introduction of Touch ID the ‘problem’ of entering the passcode was history, the number of people that don’t use a passcode on their iPhone remains too damn high. It’s the first step of ensuring some wondering eyes won’t browse your photos or credit card details. And you don’t want to know what damage kids can do when left with an unsecured phone. So go set up one right now. I prefer the more complex alphanumeric combination, as you only have to enter your passcode after a hard reset, 48 hours of inactivity or after 5 unsuccessful TouchID attempts.

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Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the best way to secure your accounts thanks to its clever method of confirming a user’s claimed identity by utilizing a combination of two different components. So even if someone knows your password, they can’t access your accounts with it alone.

You can set it up for your Apple ID here. I would suggest using two-factor authentication for all your other accounts as well.

Enable Find My iPhone

A bit confusing from a privacy standpoint, but I think most people will benefit more from using it than not. With Find My iPhone enabled, you can track your phone through iCloud, lock it and the best of all is that you can wipe iPhone remotely. So even if you lose it, you won’t bother that someone will breach your iPhone privacy.

Customize The Home Screen Features

Head to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Lock screen access. From here you’ll want to remove anything that gives someone access to your personal info. I would suggest going through Wallet, Today View, and Siri. You can also disable ‘Reply with Message’ since someone could reply to a message without unlocking your phone. The iOS 10 brought us lock screen widgets and they are a great option. But I would suggest deleting any widgets that display personal info. This way you’ll protect your data from wondering eyes. To do this you need to swipe to the right on the lock screen, then tap Edit and remove the unwanted widgets.

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