Think Like a Swift Developer: Are You a Developer?

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The struggles of a Swift developer are well documented. Whether it’s hunting bugs, continuous learning, or building monolithic view controllers, building iOS software can only be comparable to climbing mountains. Every project is a mountain. Every day, we struggle, quit, struggle, learn and succeed.

This cycle is especially difficult for new developers. Constantly trying to grasp the basics while attempting to build a text field delegate pattern that counts characters. *Bangs face against keyboard* Wading through the fog of free online material, hoping to get to the other side, we ask ourselves, “Am I an iOS developer now?

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When can we officially call ourselves an iOS/Swift developer?

The argument could be that “Hey, I paid my $99 developer fee to Apple, I’m a developer!” Right?
The question, I believe, is a two-fold answer. When can we claim to be a Swift developer?

Milestone #1

Builders aren’t builders until they build something i.e skyscrapers, bridges, buildings, houses, strip malls. Swift developers aren’t developers until they have a functioning app (in Swift).

swift developer - milestone 1 your first app

There may be some controversy over this because the present day litmus test is having an app in the AppStore. Which is important, to employers or employment, but irrelevant to ‘developer status’. Having a functioning Swift app plants a flag and states “I am a Swift developer!”

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Milestone #2

This next milestone is almost as important as having an app. Both milestones go hand and hand, like pancakes and syrup. Validation!

How do we get validation for our skills? Validation of skills comes from revenue. Whether it’s generating revenue from the AppStore, an employer, clients, or ads, having your skills validated by money is an important next step in the evolution of a Swift developer.

As fun as it is to code, a lot of devs would do it for free, myself included. Unfortunately, the real world demands much more. I know money isn’t everything, but try living without it. Especially developing for a platform that was built with high-end users in mind.

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Are you a Swift developer?

Having built a functioning Swift app establishes ‘developer status‘. Validation, generating revenue, keeps us focused on the task and motivates us to build bigger and better applications for our users.

Keep coding and never give up.

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