OneSignal – The Best Push Notification Service

One Signal - Best Push Notification Service

Push Notifications have become a crucial part in your mobile app success story, as it reminds users to come back to your app. In a previous tutorial I have covered how to configure Push Notifications, and now I will cover what service provider to use.

After many testings and many hours spent to find the best PN service, I have found the winner called OneSignal. In fact, I have never seen a more complete service on the internet and every service provider should learn from these guys how an online service should look like.

I would like to share with you, why I am thinking like that:

  1. Easy implementation – instead of setting up many functions and delegate methods to setup the PN’s, you just initialise the OneSignal class and it handles everything by itself, wrapped up in 5 lines of code.
  2. Dashboard configuration – you just create a new app, upload the production/development certificates, insert the API Key in your app, and you are ready to receive PN’s!
  3. Notifications are instantly sent – when you press the Send button it will send the PN in the same second, not like some services who delay the sending for few minutes.
  4. It’s completely free!  
  5. Can send targeted PN’s – using the Segments section you can create targeted PN’s based on some predefined or custom property. It also shows you how much users the selected property contains before even create the Segment.
  6. PN Analytics – contains detailed and accurate analytics for every PN sent.
  7. Support – Every app contains its own chat, so you don’t have to fill in forms like your name, app name, app id, email or whatever. You just write on the chat and they know exactly what app is troubling you.
  8. Browser PN’s – Despite the mobile app PN’s you can setup browser PN’s as well. The setup is as easy as the mobile one and the best part is that you can send the same PN content to all the browsers and mobile phones at once.


Hope this tutorial saved you time in seeking for the PN service provider, and even if you are using something else I would highly recommend you to check out OneSignal!


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