How To Create Your Online Presence As A Software Developer

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Part of marketing yourself as a software developer is creating an online presence. There are many ways to do this. Build a blog, create social media profiles, work on open source projects via Github. All of these avenues can help your voice to be heard over the crowd.

Since embarking on my Swift journey, I’ve set up my blog and created an online version of myself. Some things have worked and some things haven’t.

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Failure meet Success

My blog has been the success story for me. But I made sure I had the right niche, right title, right everything. With a couple of courses, I feel that I have built a safe haven for myself. After the website creation, I needed to let the audience know I’m here via different social media outlets.

Different Social Media - How To Create Your Online Presence As A Software Developer

I tried Facebook but it hasn’t worked for me. Why? Facebook, for me, is kind of a personal social media. The people I’ve “friended” are relatives, co-workers, and a few people that I have actually made contact with on other platforms. When I say a few, that number is 3 or 4. For me, using Facebook to grow my audience has been unsuccessful because of the technical aspect of the site.

A success story is Twitter. I have said my fair share of positive rants about Twitter. It’s hard to believe the financial troubles that I read about this awesome platform. Twitter has proven, to me at least, to be the platform for information. It’s a place where people share their knowledge in real time. Real day to day advice freely exchanged and given.

“LinkedIn, You’re Up!”

How To Create Your Online Presence As A Software Developer LinkedIn table

Then there is LinkedIn. I discovered LinkedIn from another co-worker. At the time, I thought it was a platform where you add your resume with some “social” attributes. I didn’t think much of it. Later, I started to add anyone with the “iOS developer” job title. When you live in the Bermuda triangle of tech, you tend to use everything at your disposal to grow your audience.

Sending out connections to people you don’t know is kind of weird and effective. I was able to connect with over 1000 iOS devs. That was cool but didn’t drive my audience to me or my blog. Remember, building an online presence means getting your voice heard and getting in front of as many people as you can.

With little hope for using LinkedIn to find new career opportunities, I labeled LinkedIn a failure. It became nothing more than an online resume to be updated as my skills improved over time.

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LinkedIn Strong!

How To Create Your Online Presence As A Software Developer LinkedIn

As I got more familiar with my blog format, I was able to share my posts amongst different social media platforms. Unable to connect my blog to LinkedIn at first, I resolved the issue and began to share.

The first blog post I shared on LinkedIn, 10 development tools every iOS Developer should use, has gotten an astronomical response. More people have enjoyed that post than any other I’ve composed. And more people are still enjoying it. I sincerely thank you.

I’ve eclipsed any of the statistics from previous months. There were many keys that contributed to the success of that blog post. 

  • The content in the blog post was relevant. I thought it was pretty good and answered a question of mine.
  • Shared the blog post on LinkedIn
  • The most important key: Shared the blog post with the “groups” that I’m a part of on LinkedIn.

I didn’t know what would happen when I included the “groups” I was a part of. I started to notice the stats, included by Squarespace, were climbing dramatically. The vast majority of the referrals were coming from LinkedIn. The experience has been amazing.

I’ve shared posts on LinkedIn before with little results. It wasn’t until I included the “groups,” that I saw the biggest increases in audience numbers.

I will be adding my groups to future blog posts. I strongly suggest anyone with an online presence via a blog to do the same. The results are tremendous. You will deliver your great content to your audience. That’s the true meaning of “online presence.”

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