10 Tips For Android Users To Stay Safe From Malware Attacks

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If you use a computer regularly, malware or virus attacks are definitely a much-understood fact for you and you also know how to stay protected from such threats. The primitive mobile devices carried no such risks but it is the time of high tech devices that gain full access to the internet. These devices are equally vulnerable to the malware attacks in a way similar to what you experience with your PC. And, of course, as you take proper measures to keep your PC safe from any such attacks, you can do the same for your smartphone, be it of Android or of any other maker’s. Unless you take the right measures, you are subjecting your device to different kinds of malicious attacks.

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Be More Vigilant

Do I Need Antivirus For Android - 10 Tips To Stay Safe From Malware Attacks Be Vigalant

Your smartphone is more or less like a mini PC and it is equally at the risks of malicious attacks. However, while you have a solid anti-malware protection in case of a PC, things still have to be improved for the latest mobile devices. Especially if you are having an Android phone, you have to be more vigilant since it is an open source platform where anyone can enter with any kind of intention. And, it is also a fact that Android devices are being targeted more intensively than other devices that come with more conservative or cautious type of operating platform.

Mobile devices connected to network resources are at a greater risk of getting infected. The Android-targeted threats range from malware that sends fraudulent SMS payments or other SMS messages, mobile botnets, and even Trojans that have the potential to destroy data stored on your Android device. Android is not a locked down OS, and its platform is open for developers and users to design and plant or get apps from a wide variety of sources outside the Google Play store. Moreover, since the apps aren’t usually reviewed or vetted, it makes attackers to easily plant applications containing malware. This is the main reason that makes you hear about Android’s being a prime target of malware.

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So Do I Need Antivirus For Android?

Can Android users stay protected against such malicious attacks? Of course yes, at least up to a considerable level, if they take appropriate measures on time. Following are the few tips for Android users to stay safe from the malware attacks.

1. The AntiVirus

Do I Need Antivirus For Android - 10 Tips To Stay Safe From Malware Attacks Antivirus

Find well-known and effective anti-malware software and install it on your Android device. A well-protected device with the right antivirus scanner can be of great help. You can get such software free of cost from many big-name security app companies. We recommend the ‘360 Security – Antivirus Boost’. It’s totally free of charge and has some powerful features that will protect your phone.

2. Watch out

Do I Need Antivirus For Android - 10 Tips To Stay Safe From Malware Attacks Watch out

Even after installing an apparently effective anti-malware app, stay on guard against any abnormal activities on the device. This is essential to stay protected from attacks that can bypass the security shield projected by the anti-malware app.

3. Install apps from trusted sources

Do I Need Antivirus For Android - 10 Tips To Stay Safe From Malware Attacks Install From Trusted Sources

Avoid using apps of suspicious nature; try to get the ones that come from reliable sources and have a good reputation in the market.

4. Check permissions

Always check app permission request and only allow the required permission without giving the app extra penetrability into your data.

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5. Update

Do I Need Antivirus For Android - 10 Tips To Stay Safe From Malware Attacks Update

Keep updating your system and anti-malware app regularly. This way your phone will have the latest security patches and the newest malware database.

6. Avoid direct installation

Avoid direct installation of Android Package files, APKs. Be careful with files that don’t tell you what they are going to do until they are installed on the device.

7. Read the reviews

Do I Need Antivirus For Android - 10 Tips To Stay Safe From Malware Attacks Read The reviews

Be very careful while accepting reviews about an app; proceed with the installation of a recommended app only after viewing it from different angles, online reviews, not just the reviews that you find on Android Market.

8. Check where are you logging in

Be careful while connecting to Twitter or other social media, which could undermine the security of your Android device. This could happen when a botnet client uses Twitter to gain control of the device and looks for commands from specific attacker-controlled Twitter accounts.

9. Backup

Finally, always backup your data regularly. This ensures you have the latest updated backup before it gets infected or corrupted accidentally. Since you don’t know when and how you will lose the data, having a freshly backed up copy means you lose just nominally even if you are attacked that seriously. For instance, the valuable information that you keep on the phone, photos, etc., should be copied regularly to a different device, a PC for instance, and if something happens to the Android phone, you can copy back the clean data from your PC. Don’t forget that you can be attacked any time by a powerful malware.

10. Check what you’re downloading

Furthermore, acquaint yourself with a new malware tool ‘Drive-by downloads’. It happens in two ways. First, it happens when you download a file without knowing its consequences. Such downloads may install a counterfeit executable program, Java applet, or ActiveX component. In the second way, it happens without your knowledge, and the device can be infected by malware, crimeware, spyware, etc.

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Do not forget that if you pay attention to the security of the data stored on your Android device, you will never regret later on. And, never forget that your device can be attacked anytime, from any angle, even if it is protected with a security shield.

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