Start focusing on IoT ideas… Now!

internet of things

Before writing about IoT, I would like to give a little intro for something that frustrates me for a long time.

From the last few years, we have learned that the mobile technology is growing extremely fast and that the AppStores are flooded with apps. Which means that it’s extremely hard to make a breakthrough on the market with your own product if your idea isn’t extremely special (and you have a big budget, of course).

Today we can see mobile apps that claim they are “the new Snapchat” or “the new Instagram”. My question to the creators is… Why on earth are you wasting your precious and limited time on ideas that are already out there and are HUGE (like $20 billion+ huge)?

The “Top 10 Best Mobile Apps” has been dominated by social networking and photo/video editing apps every year!

Have we really invented mobile technology so we can create a bunch of social networking apps, and apps where you can stick ears and nose from a dog on your face?

I think we can do much better than that, do you?

IoT (Internet of Things)it means connecting an object to the internet, making it a “smart object”. This enables the object to start collecting or exchanging data through a specially built software.

IoT opens a whole new area of innovations, and it can help many industries to improve drastically. I find this area more challenging in 2017 than building a standalone mobile app, as it’s far more complex to achieve and can be far more helpful to users. This should be the main focus for the years that come, and finally the mobile technology to contribute as it should.

I don’t say there are no standalone mobile apps on the AppStores that are awesome and really helpful in our daily activities, but IoT brings the experience to a whole new level.

Imagine what great products can come out if we all switch our focus and energy to building smart objects. Imagine how we can contribute to medicine, pharmaceutical companies, homes, payment services, rental or construction businesses etc.


All of us have created many unsuccessful mobile apps, hoping that they will make a breakthrough one day, and invest all our money, time and effort to make at least one of them successful. Instead, try and pick an industry that you find attractive and allocate 100% of your money, time and effort to create the smart object. I am sure the chances to succeed are much bigger, as well as making lives easier for many people around the world that are working in that industry. 🙂

I am sure 99% of you who read this story, would prefer seeing “Top 10 Best Mobile Apps” chart with apps that saved millions of lives or saved millions of hours in some industry.
This was just an introduction what IoT can do and why we should all switch our focus completely starting from NOW. Hopefully, it encouraged some reader to start innovating in this field. Cheers! 🙂

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