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The rapidly advancing technology is offering amazing types of things to the mankind. In communication, first, a normal phone, then a phone with some advanced features, and then came smartphones; this uptrend is continued at a fast pace. We don’t know where the technology will take us in the near future.

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All of us, who like to use mobile devices with more capabilities and to make the life easier, know very well how this communication technology is progressing. With a highly powerful and feature-rich operating system, coupled with highly workable hardware, you can do countless things. Now, apart from being a phone with highly advanced features, your phone is a good camera, a good audio and video player, and recorder got internet browsing capability and has many more things. Adding to it is the feature that lets you automate tasks on an Android phone. You just have to get the right application that makes your phone dance on your tunes.

Using an Android Phone to Automate the Routine Tasks

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It is absolutely possible to automate your Android phone to do tasks with a predetermined pattern. For instance, you can set a condition for the phone and when the condition is met, your phone will do the task assigned to it, automatically. For example, you can program it to send a special message at a certain time. You can make it change a certain system setting on certain occasions. It can also open an application at a certain time and perform the assigned task, and much more. You can virtually do much more things once you know how to automate tasks on Android phones. This makes your life easier and lets you unleash the full potential of your high technology Android phone. Let’s see how you can do that.

Get the Best Android Automation Tool 

Tasker - The Best Android Automation Tool Review - The App

Applications are made to do many useful things and to automate tasks on Android phones you would need an effective program. And one of the best Android automation tool is Tasker. It can virtually do any possible thing on your Android phone. Just you have to know how to make full use of the application and your phone’s hardware. You can download Tasker from the Play Store for $2.99.

Once you have the automating tool, Tasker, ready, you can proceed to select the desired tasks that you want your phone to do.

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You Can Automate Many Tasks

As stated before, you can have many tasks done automatically once you installed the right tool. Lets take a look at some of the more important tasks.

Enable ‘NightMode’

You can use this feature that helps you in many ways. You can program it to notify you only when the phone rings in the night while restricting or lowering the volume of any other notification alerts like email, SMS, etc.

Trigger an SMS

You can make the phone send a predefined message to certain selected contacts. For instance, when you leave your office you can let someone at home know that you want something to be done before your arrival; as a reminder, use this option to keep sending reminding message every day so that you don’t have to worry whether the other person at home forgets to do the routine task before your arrival.

Creating context-based voice reminder

Enable this automated task if you want your phone to remind you to do a task at a certain date or time. For instance, if you have to clear a bill at a certain date, you can make your phone to remind you on that date with the pre-entered message. When the date arrives, you will receive the vocal message reminding you of the task.

Summing up, if you know how to automate tasks on your Android phone, many routine things can become easier and can be done very comfortably. For privacy needs, meetings, for listening certain music at the desired time, and for any other such things you can use your Android phone to work as your sincere and obedient assistant and, of course, you won’t have to pay any salary to your assistant.

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