Top 5 Free Email Apps for Android 2017

Top 5 best email apps for Android

With the introduction of the World Wide Web, we’ve opened the gate of instant communication. It revolutionized our lives by giving us the ability to reach someone no matter where he is, thus giving us the ultimate freedom. As the time passed, more and more emails were being sent on a daily basis eventually reaching a point of 205 billion emails a day with over 3.7 billion email users. When you compare that there are more than 1.6 billion Android users, you get the picture that email apps are high-value tools. With such large market, many companies try to offer stronger security and better user experience in their email apps and some of them are doing a really good job at this. So we’ll try to help you by summarizing the 5 best email apps for Android at the moment.


One of the pioneers in email communication, AOL has introduced its Alto email app 4 years ago and since then they have managed to build a pretty decent app. It supports multiple platforms and features a clean and colorful design. There is a dashboard for all the important stuff and customizable swipe actions that’ll make a lot of actions easier. It’s also available as a web platform, so there is no need to install the app on every device.

Download Alto


Although it probably comes preinstalled with your Android phone, the Gmail email app is one of the best ones out there. It’s very clean thanks to the Material Design, supports multiple providers and has a unified inbox. Easy to use on, I would recommend this email app to anyone.

Download Gmail

K-9 Mail

The K-9 email app has been around since Android itself. It’s very easy to use with that basic interface that works like a charm. It’s lightning fast at syncing with support for 2003/2007 Exchange and plenty of other services (IMAP, POP3). And the best of all is that its open source. That means that you can view the source code, contribute and customize your own version.

Download K-9 Mail

Microsoft Outlook

Dating back 20 years, you can bet that Outlook had built up some experience in the email client division. So naturally, Microsoft Outlook for Android has found its place on our list. Offering customizable swipe gestures and integrated calendar view, Outlook is focused primarily on the productivity side. I’ll admit that the design of the user interface it’s not the best but considering the pros I must recommend this app.

Download Microsoft Outlook

Email TypeApp

Also known as TypeMail, TypeApp is a balanced app that offers the most needed options in an email app, cutting away the unnecessary bloatware making this app very light. It also offers few quick-access features, smart push notifications, email “clusters” and support for Android Wear.

Download TypeApp Mail

If you tried these email apps and you think there is an app that is missing on the list, fell free to write us in the comments section.


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