Business and Networking go hand in hand!

Make the most of your time chatting on Wechat by doing business networking.

We have a various network of Wechat groups that are suited for different types of business – such as trade shows, real estate, foreign exchange, crypto, and more.

Check them out here:

Trade Show Group

This is for trade show professionals – both those who are attending, hosting booths, or doing services such as interpretations and more.

Real Estate Group

Want to make investments in real estate? Find out who is the top player in a city or niche of real estate investing? This is the area for you.

Forex Group

Foreign exchange is needed, in China and overseas. Find the best people to talk to about converting money and making cash trades.

Crypto and Bitcoin Groups

Integrating bitcoin into our way of life will reward those who embrace it. Find others with that mindset here.

Administrators Only

This is for community leaders. Those who work hard to build up their own groups and we can help share ideas and what it takes to succeed.