Best Networking Apps

As the saying goes, “it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know.” 

The benefit of knowing the right people in business matters is absolutely priceless. However, in today’s climate, meeting people to build your network is no easy task. Fortunately, the internet and a variety of apps come to the rescue.

There are various networking apps that you can use in the comfort of your own abode. Our job is to find the diamonds among the coal, and present the benefits and differences of each. 

Let’s take a look at the best networking apps.


First, we have one of the most popular networking sites and apps out there right now. 

Currently, LinkedIn is like corporate Facebook. People use it to find jobs, enlist for training courses, and meet new people. With more than half a million people using it, it’s popularity is uncontested.

LinkedIn is not at the top of the food chain by coincidence though. It has taken 15 years and the buying out of various networking management companies that has made it what it is. A few years back, it was purchased by Microsoft.

This is a great app to look for other people, grow your network, and manage business relationships. You can also control the amount of information that is shown to other people. 

There is a premium subscription fee that adds a variety of features. These include being highlighted for recruiters, unlimited profile searches, seeing other people’s information, lead building, and so much more.

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Click here to download Linkedin for Android and Apple.


Next, we have Invitly. The app is exclusive in nature, meaning only members can access it. This means that the size of the app is a bit small, but there are benefits to it. 

For instance, the exclusivity means that there will be less spammers and more professionals using the app. This is good for networking as it ensures that only like-minded individuals are on it. 

Apart from that, it is also meant for mentoring and coaching purposes. You can use this feature to grow your skills and knowledge in your field of expertise.

It also acts as a planning tool for business arrangements and meetings. However, the small community could mean that some of the participants could be online only.

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Click here to download Invitly for Android and Apple.


In the realm of networking apps, Shapr is shaping up to be an interesting one. The big difference with other networking apps is that Shapr is more casual. It’s interface and processes are more akin to Tinder than LinkedIn. 

Like Tinder, you create a profile. This profile contains your interests, experience, skills, passions, and location. You can tag up to 12 in your profile.

Once that is done, you will be presented with a number of people that you can connect with. You’ll be presented with 10 to 15 profiles daily. Simply swipe if you think you’d like to professionally connect with the people who share your expertise and interests.

The swiping portion of the app is anonymous. When both of you have connected, the information will be given to you. When you are connected, you can start chatting or planning a meet up.

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Click here to download Shapr for Android and Apple.


Do you think or feel that one-on-one meetings are slow? Bizzabo will help speed things up. Bizzabo is a networking app that is catered more to people who host and attend events.

If used for hosting, Bizzabo allows you to create a clear brand for the event that you are planning. This means that all your attendees will see and feel the same experience, in turn building a diverse and unified community.

In the app, you can create, promote, sell tickets, and even customize the people’s in-app experiences. These include the fonts, colors, and images that you design your event with. 

If you are simply looking to attend events, Bizzabo will give you the opportunity to create an event profile. You’ll also be able to see the profiles of other people and connect with them.

Whether hosting or attending events, you’ll be able to connect with people and grow your professional network.

A bonus is that it syncs with LinkedIn.

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Click here to download Bizzabo for Android and Apple.


Finally, we have GroupMe. 

This free networking app has a different niche as well. GroupMe acts primarily as a group messaging app for business users. 

It works just like a regular chat room. You can select individuals you want in a room and begin talking or sharing information with them. Private messaging is possible as well. It supports multimedia too.

This app connects with the contacts in your phone. This means that people do not need to download the app. It also means that older phones can still be added via GroupMe.

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Click here to download GroupMe for Android and Apple

We hope that the networking apps presented here can grow your professional network and help you attain success. There are many other networking apps out there for you to try as well. Happy networking!

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