Best Movie Apps

The pandemic has kept many people at home for their own safety and health. However, thanks to movie streaming apps, watching movies at home is now easier than ever. 

Apart from entertainment purposes, there are many other benefits to using movie streaming apps. 

For one, monthly subscriptions for these apps are more affordable than heading out and watching a movie. 

Second, the fact that these apps can be accessed anytime anywhere with an internet connection has changed the viewing habits of people. Play, pause, rewind. Movies can be experienced and re-lived multiple times and in multiple ways. 

Finally, we have the breadth of options available. There are so many different libraries out there from a plethora of movie streaming apps. 

The question then is: which movie streaming app should you download? 

We’re here to present to you the top 5 best movie apps that you should consider.


You know something is big when a meme is created about it. If you haven’t heard about “Netflix and Chill”, you may have been living under a rock. This makes Netflix the king of the movie streaming apps. 

Reputation plays a big role in Netflix’s position on top of the pantheon of movie streaming apps. They can be considered the original movie streaming app, and since then, they have not stopped delivering. 

Their library is massive. Anyone who gets Netflix will have many movies and even TV shows to watch. They make great original content. You can tell that most – if not all – the original shows they develop have heart and depth.

Apart from that, the interface of the app is well-thought out. If you add it’s great recommendation system into the mix, when given enough free time, people could spend hours upon hours on Netflix.

People may argue that there are certain facets that other movie streaming apps do better. However, the fact is, no other streaming service has come close to dethroning Netflix. Yet.

Best Movie Apps - netflix netflix screenshots

Download Netflix on Android and Apple.

Amazon Prime

One streaming service that has come close to Netflix’s level is Amazon Prime. Just like Netflix, Prime has a massive selection of movies, TV shows, and more that people can choose from. They also create interesting originals, and selecting between Prime and Netflix is a matter of preference and taste. 

One thing that Prime has over Netflix is more comedy shows and children’s programming. This is because of their recent deals with Comedy Central and Nickelodeon just to name a few.

The biggest reason to use Prime is the additional benefits. For people who shop online, getting a Prime subscription adds a variety of benefits. 

These include free shipping for any purchases, access to a music streaming service called Amazon Prime Music, unlimited photo storage, discount at Whole Foods, and more.

Best Movie Apps - prime video Best Movie Apps - prime video screenshots

Download Amazon Prime on Android and Apple.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies is a rising star in the movie streaming industry. Due to the pandemic, it has recently surpassed 5 billion downloads. 

This app is a bit different from Prime and Netflix. For one, Google Play Movies does not operate on a subscription-based framework. Instead, people can either rent or buy movies through this app.

One benefit is that new movies often come here before other streaming services. If a new movie comes out, you can bet that it will be rentable or purchasable through here first. 

While there are a few free movies now, there is talk around town that Google will soon add more free movies into the library. However, they will have ads.

Best Movie Apps - google movies & tv google movies & tv screenshots

Download Google Play Movies on Android and Apple.

The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel is it’s own beast. It is a worthwhile movie streaming app for cinephiles. While there is a decent library of Hollywood blockbusters, it is not it’s claim to fame.

Instead, the Criterion Channel plays host to art-house films, indie films, and international films, rare archived footage, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and much more. 

For the movie fan, or for those who just want to watch different kinds of movies, this is the best movie streaming app for you.

Currently, this app is only usable in the United States and Canada. However, they are working on operating internationally. 

Best Movie Apps - the criterion channel criterion channel screenshots

Download The Criterion Channel on Android and Apple.


Finally, we have IMDb TV. IMDb is known as a great resource for cinephiles. People can search for a variety of information about movies and TV shows. These include actors, quotable quotes, reviews, and trivia just to name a few.

Now, there is a new service in IMDb TV. It is a free movie streaming channel. That’s right, it’s free. No subscription or purchase fees. 

The selection may rotate frequently and it runs on ads, but the fact that it is linked to IMDb is a bonus.

Best Movie Apps - imdbtv imdbtv screenshots

Download IMDb TV on Android and Apple.

We hope that this list has opened your eyes to various movie streaming apps you can download. The truth is that there are many other movie streaming apps out there. 

It boils down to what movies and shows you want to watch, and which streaming sites have them

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