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WeChat is China’s biggest and most widely used social media app. It started as a simple app for chatting, something akin to Viber or Facebook Messenger. Now though, it has grown into an all-in-one app platform that has transformed people’s lives.

While it has many features, its chat and group chat functions are still a great tool to talk about great, many topics.

In this article, we’ll talk about why Wechat’s groups are a great way to talk about trade shows. Trade shows are events that allow various businesses and companies to showcase their products and services.

WeChat Group for Trade Shows

As a social media app, WeChat is the champion of social media apps in China. Using it will grant you exposure to billions of users.

Whether you have gone to a trade show or not, it is still very ideal for talking about specific topics.

Oh the People You’ll Meet

People can create groups and potentially match up with a variety of people. This will bring people from all walks of life and with a variety of perspectives. Their ideas and thoughts on the trade shows will help paint a better picture of what you are going to walk into as well as many other things.

For instance, you’ll be able to understand what people would expect out of the trade shows. You’ll be able to align expectations and truly get something that may benefit you, your career, or your business. At the same time, you’ll weed out any unrealistic expectations.

Finding the Diamonds

WeChat Trade Shows Group

Next, you’ll be able to gain insight on which speakers or topics to attend at trade shows, if any. Most of the time, there are speakers invited to trade shows to talk about a number of topics.

However, time is always a limited element. It is best to find the diamond in the rough, ensuring you learn from the best.

It is wise to plan out which topics or speakers you should attend so you can split your time between attending the talks and checking out the various booths and businesses.

If you understand who people want to go to see or what topics are the most sought after, it may indicate an important or unforeseen avenue that may prove useful to your life down the line.

At the same time, you’ll be able to see which topics and speakers aren’t so sought after. It is as important to understand the speakers and topics you can afford to not attend.

Past Experiences

Finally, there may be some people in the group chats that have attended previous trade shows. Their past trade show experiences may be some tips and tricks that you can utilize when you attend.

Some past experiences may include that there were a lot of people, that lines were long, the ushers were helpful, and many more. These things can help you better prepare for your own trade show experience. It is best to make sure that your experience is the best it could possibly be.

Other Uses

These are only a few things that WeChat’s group chat can do to help discuss trade shows. However, the uses don’t stop there. If you are an exhibitor at a trade show or someone who is putting it together, you can also utilize WeChat’s group chat. As an exhibitor, you can:

  • Invite people and get attendance
  • Get pre or post trade show feedback to improve the experience
  • Use it for marketing
  • Demonstrate products
  • Generate interest and Invite people to booths
  • Start a community for a specific trade show.

Here are some upcoming trade shows to look forward to and talk about:

  • The Shanghai World Travel Fair – 07/30/2020 (4 Days)
  • Canton Fair Autumn Phase 1 – China Export And Import Fair – 10/15/2020 (4 Days)
  • China Int’l Import Expo 2020 – 11/5/20202 – (6 Days)

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