After your initial introduction we select 3 WeChat groups we know you’ll find useful.
After that you’re welcome to join more groups however as it takes time to open individual groups to add anyone there is a fee of 20 RMB per group or 50 RMB for 3 x groups.

Non members 20 RMB per post or 50 RMB for 3 posts.

You might also consider joining as a Social member for 888 RMB which allows access to all of our 130+ groups

Membership benefits are numerous especially if you’re in business
(ask Admin for information)


B2B+C (Business to Business plus Customers) Global network linking foreign buyers with quality Companies, Trades & Services.
It’s a better way to do business in China!

An easy link to find English language businesses and a shortcut to Guanxi.
We help promote TOURISM, TRADE & INVESTMENT to selected Provinces.
Members support other Members!

To join our COPORATE & BUSINESS Network you need to be a genuine Company, Registered Business or Service Provider that has English speaking staff and to be invited to join by one of our authorised representatives.
Every Business Member provides a SPECIAL OFFER to other members.
This can be as low as 5% Discount on products or services.

To join us as a SOCIAL MEMBER you ideally want to conduct business as a buyer interested in helping support Tourism, Trade & Investment & quality products & Services plus receive genuine discounts!

(30+ staff) ¥3,888.00
(SME Small – Medium Enterprise) ¥1,888.00
Social Club
(Buyers – Customers)
Annual Membership allows access to all of our 120+ WeChat groups and Special Offers!


1. [Shake] NETWORKING:
Joining a team whom as an entity will lift and set higher standards of doing business.
Your Membership helps support other members in business & further promote stronger trade and investment both locally and Internationally.
a GLOBAL Business Network.

2. [Shake] ‘FREE ENTRY’ to social events and business workshops in selected cities.

3. [Shake] MORE CUSTOMERS: Membership opens up a new customer network because you attract new customers from our huge social network, website and other Members!

Business Membership allows you to stand out from your business competitors.
You and your business attain a higher level of trust and respect in the local and Global Business community.

5. [Shake] ATTAIN DISCOUNTS when you purchase goods and services from other Business members.
All Business members provide SPECIAL OFFERS.

6. [Shake] EXTRA ADVERTISING Your business will benefit from continual Internet promotion via our websites and other media solutions which includes links to your own website.
We provide trust and confidence in the consumer by teaching them to look for Genuine Reliable Traders whom display the logo on their premises and stationary.

5% of your membership is donated to help needy registered charities.

8. [Shake] EXTRA BONUS
You are authorized to use the logo on your business stationary and website.
9. Registered businesses receive a store front stickers & members certificate for proud display.
10. SME & Corporate EXPO exhibitors stand out and receive targeted customers.

To provide a United Network of Trusted Businesses, Companies, Trades & Services for the mutual benefit of Corporate, Business and Social Club members.
To support, unite and further develop foreigners in business.