10 Android Finance Apps You Can’t Live Without

Last week, I listed some of my favorite personal finance apps for the iPhone.  This week, I’ll be focusing on several Android finance apps that will help you keep your budget in check. There are more personal finance and money apps than ever coming out for Android phones, and these are some of our favorites for finding savings and deals when you’re on the go.

Tip N Split Tip Calculator (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps-Tip-N-Split

This app makes it really easy to not only determine the gratuity amount, but also everyone’s share of the bill when eating out in a group.  You can also customize how much everyone owes by typing in their individual amount, making sure that the friend who ordered filet mignon forks over his fair share.

PayPal (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps-PayPal

View your transaction history, check your balance, and confirm payments, all on the go!

Key Ring (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps-KeyRing

Club cards are great for sticking to a budget, but they can really bulk up your key ring.  That’s why this app is so great because you can still save a few dollars here and there by taking a picture of card’s barcode with your Android. Simply log into the app, select the card, and the cashier can scan the card from your smartphone’s screen.

Cash Now – ATM Locator (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps-CashNow

This app first identifies your current location and then provides a map to the nearest bank or ATM.

Money Saving Tips (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps Money-Saving-tips

Sometimes the most basic ideas can make the biggest difference.  This free app provides simple tips in the hopes of improving your personal finances. One example: “Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.  You tend to buy more things you don’t need on an empty stomach.” You can also e-mail and text these easy lifestyle tips to friends and family, making it a group project.

ShopSavvy (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps Shopsavvy

Use your Android’s camera to scan a product’s barcode. The app will then provide comparative price listings online and at competing stores from a database of over 20,000 retailers covering over 200,000 products. If you find a better deal at a different store, the app gives you a map and directions to the competitor. You can also create a wishlist on-the-go to send out to friends and families.


Yahoo Finance (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps Yahoo Finance

This app is simply the mobile version of Yahoo Finance on your Android. Look up financial news, stock tickers, updates on your personal finance, and much, much more.

Stocks (Free Trial)

Best Android Finance Apps Stocks

Check your quotes, market summaries, financial news, market summaries, and other useful financial features on this free app.

GasBuddy (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps GasBuddy

This community-based app provides directions to the closest gas station with the lowest price, helping to keep your transportation expenses at a bare minimum.

Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance (Free)

Best Android Finance Apps Mint Budget Bills Finance

Combine several app features into one with this android finance apps. Access your bank and credit card accounts, track cell phone minutes, monitor frequent flier miles, get reminders about bill due dates, and check your Netflix queue and Facebook feed.  The difference between the basic and premium apps are no ads, unlimited bank accounts, and real time flight information.

Bonus Tip: Google Now

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  This certainly holds true with Google Now. Simply take a picture of a landmark, restaurant, piece of art, or whatever else your heart desires, and it provides a google search on your item. Use this built-in feature in conjunction with ShopSavvy, and you could find the best deals on products with and without barcodes.

Got any additions to my list?  Feel free to share your favorite personal android finance apps in the comment section.

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