Best Android Widgets: How To Improve Your Homescreen

My profession requires switching back from iOS to Android all the time. That means a lot of different UI’s which by itself it’s not that big of a problem, but then I remember that my iPhone doesn’t support home screen widgets. Although the iPhone has some sort of widgets in the Notification area it simply cannot compare to the Android solution. I know that the Apple fans will not agree with me saying that the iOS solution is perfect in many ways, and they are mostly right. But when you use your phone 24/7, both for work and pleasure, the best Android widgets are a must have.

No matter if they are productivity, social or customization tools, widgets help me save time. And as you may know, time is money. So in the following list, I’ll summarize the best money saving widgets for the Android platform.

#1. Google Keep

A must have app that my home screen can’t do without. Great for taking quick notes, to-do lists, and saving images, but the widget is the essential feature here. It’s lightening fast, allows you to view all the notes and add a new one. Great organization tool that syncs all your notes and reminders across all the devices, phone and tablets.

Download Google Keep

#2. Dashboard Widget

The best customization tool out there. Dashboard Widget changes your experience with Android allowing you to tailor both home and lock screen to your needs. Even though it has plenty of settings to tamper for the home screen, the lock screen is the place where all the magic happens. After you install it, you’ll have the ability to change all the lock screen extensions and trust me when I say that this app has some extensions to offer. One of the best ones are the battery stats, world time and weather updates. Another great setting is the possibility to create multiple panes for the lock screen, transferring your home screen experience to the lock screen. The best part is that its free, but only compatible with Android 4.2 or higher.

Download Dashboard Widget

#3. Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget is another customization tool that has earned the right to be on our best widget list. This tool allows you to download tons of widgets and templates for your home screen, but the best part is that you can customize the information heads to show all kind of different information. They have a free and paid version, but I think the free version is worth checking out.

Download Zooper Widget 

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#4. Power Toggles

I think the name is pretty explanatory by itself, this widget gives the option to set up all kind of different toggles for WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile Data and much more. Although you have most of them in the notification bar, the toggles can get quite handy on the home or lock screen.

Download Power Toggles

#5. Flipboard

As a magazine style reader, Flipboard is one of the best for the Android platform. But as a widget, it is the best. You can choose which favorites to show and several layout types. When you use it you can refresh the widget to manually fetch the latest news and stories and with a simple tap you can enter the full view.

Download Flipboard

I hope some of these widgets have helped you save time. But if you think something is missing on our list, feel free to leave a comment bellow and we’ll do our best to add it as fast as we can.

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