10 Best Weather Apps And Weather Widgets For Android 2017

Having a personal weatherman that has an hourly weather forecast is only one of the many perks of the ever evolving modern technology. An insight into the future with only a glimpse on your phone can be quite handy sometimes. And although the factory installed weather apps are somewhat OK, there are plenty of other developers that offer a lot of additional features and options. So in this article, we’ll take a closer look at our list of Best Weather Apps and Weather Widgets for Android smartphones.

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[Price: Free]
An all time favorite, the WeatherBug app was one of the first weather apps that brought different features to its users. In this app, you can find weather forecasts, severe weather alerts, widgets, and even stuff like live weather cams so you can see the actual weather. If you don’t like the built in widget there is a selection of weather widgets in a separate app that you can choose from. It started as a paid version, but now it’s free with no in-app purchases and because of that, some paid users may not like it anymore.

Weatherbug - Best Weather Apps and Weather Widgets for Android 2017


  • Live weather cams
  • Plenty of info
  • Lightning alerts


  • Poorly organized
  • Few widgets in the default app

AccuWeather - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017Accuweather

[Price: Free / $2.99]
An information-heavy free weather app that gives you pretty much all of the info you’ll need right at the main page. It offers extended and hourly forecasts, radar, Android Wear support, and the interesting MinuteCast feature that has a precipitation forecast on a minute basis. The redesigned look has turned out quite well, modernizing the app appearance with the material design. It comes with plenty of good looking widgets to choose from, so you won’t need additional apps for that.

AccuWeather - Best Android Weather Apps And Weather Widgets 2017


  • Great looking main page
  • Excellent built-in widgets
  • Multi language content


  • Ads (unless you remove them)
  • Slow performance
  • Inaccurate location based weather info

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1Weather - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 20171Weather

[Price: Free: $0.99]
Another popular old-timer on our list, 1Weather is one of the highest rated weather apps out there. In addition to the standard daily and hourly forecast, this app offers multi-tracking for up to 12 cities at a time, Android Wear support and 25 different languages to choose from. It also offers several great looking widgets that will beautify your homescreen. The ads can get a little frustrating, but you can remove them for $0.99.

1Weather - Best Android Weather Apps And Weather Widgets 2017


  • Fully customizable
  • Lots of great looking widgets
  • Neat design


  • Few bugs that made the app crash
  • Cheesy backgrounds

MyRadar - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017MyRadar

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
This is a more advanced weather app that displays raw radar data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) servers. It’s particularly good if you want a specific outlook rather than the just plain temperature. It offers easy to read and very detailed maps, and the interface is highly customizable. MyRadar is free but with the in-app purchases, you can buy additional features such as a hurricane tracker and more radar options.

MyRadar - Best Android Weather Apps And Weather Widgets 2017


  • Very detailed radar maps
  • Extremely customizable
  • Very accurate


  • A bit slow at times
  • No widgets 
  • In app purchases

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GO Weather Forecast and Widgets

[Price: Free with in-app purchases)
Go Weather is an app that combines gorgeous design and solid weather information. Because of that is one of the most successful and popular apps on our list. In terms of features, it offers the standard weather info such as forecasts and radar, but it also has unnecessary stuff like wind forecast, lifestyle tips, and more. Like we said, this is a beautiful app that has plenty of themes to chose from. The widgets are amazing and plentiful. Overall it’s a great looking app with average weather information.

GO Weather Forecast And Widgets - Best Android Weather Apps And Weather Widgets 2017


  • Excellent design
  • Plenty of widgets
  • Easy to use UI


  • A little bloated
  • Annoying advertisements in the free version

The Weather Channel - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017The Weather Channel

[Price: Free]
The Weather Channel is a well know and trusted source that served the public for many years. And its official app isn’t different, offering all the weather information that you’ll ever need including the standard forecasts, alerts, radar, and also some interesting stuff like pollen and wind forecast. The widgets are simple and informational, and there are some beautiful background photos. The most frustrating part about this app is the annoying ads which show up on your background from time to time and the confusing mPoints system.

The Weather Channel - Best Android Weather Apps And Weather Widgets 2017


  • Polished design
  • Social reporting
  • Great widgets


  • Lack of customization
  • High subscription fee
  • Annoying adds

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Dark Sky - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017Dark Sky

[Price: Free / $2.99 per year]
Dark Sky is an app that focuses primarily on the user experience and the interface design. The subtle design with bold black text alongside the translucent panels gives a premium appearance. On the technical side, the free version of the app offers the basic weather information such as up-to-minute forecast,  beautiful radar and great global weather maps. For the more advanced users, there’s a free trial of the premium features which are subscription based and cost $2.99 per year. The app also includes several great looking widgets to choose from.

Dark Sky - Best Android Weather Apps And Weather Widgets 2017


  • Crowdsourcing option
  • Excellent design
  • Custom weather alerts


  • Lack of customization
  • Pricey

Weather Underground - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017Weather Underground

[Price: Free / $1.99 per year]
Probably the perfect weather app that you’ll need. An ideal combination of simple design and the astonishing data amount puts this app on the throne. It offers a comparative forecast, social weather observations and tons of customizable options. There are plenty of widgets with different data feeds to choose from. The ads can get a little annoying but you can get rid of them for $1.99 per year.

Weather Underground - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017


  • Crowd reporting service
  • Highly customizable
  • Huge data amount
  • Smart alerts


  • Ads

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Yahoo Weather - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017Yahoo Weather

[Price: Free]
Another old-timer at our list, the Yahoo Weather app has been offering its users a great experience through the years. The years’ worth experience made an excellent blend of beautiful design and essential information. The widgets are good but not great and need a little work. And maybe the absence of material design will irk some people, but I would suggest trying it out anyway.

Yahoo Weather - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017


  • Neat design
  • Customizable streams


  • Not enough widgets

Weather Wiz - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017Weather Wiz

[Price: Free]
This app looks great and displays a good and accurate range of info about the weather. The best part is the theme section ($0.99 each).  The small but gorgeous set of themes is simply astonishing. There’s a small bug in the current version that doesn’t allow you to set a GPS location, but I trust the developers will fix it in the next update. The widgets are OK but don’t have a size adjustment.

Weather Wiz - Best Weather Apps and Widgets For Android 2017


  • Gorgeous design
  • Great looking themes


  • Lack of widget adjustments
  • Ads

You think that some app is missing on the list, or you have something to say about our choice of best weather apps and weather widgets for Android? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below or send us an email.

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