GrooVe IP – A Free Calling App For Android To Any Number

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Making free phone calls on any Android device can become a possibility if you are able to use the relevant application properly. First, you have to do some homework in order to understand the instructions and then utilize them to benefit from the application. In this case, we did the homework and compiled a brief how-to guide on using the GrooVe IP, free calling app for Android to any number.

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What’s special about GrooVe IP?

Whats Special? GrooVe IP - A Free Calling App For Android To Any Number

If you own an Android tablet you can call and receive phone calls by using your Google Voice number. Yes, you can make your device good for both incoming and outgoing calls with other Google apps. But unfortunately, they don’t work quite well. Here GrooVe IP steps in.

With GrooVe IP, which is an Android application for connecting Google Voice by using Voice over IP (VoIP), you can ring multiple phones through the free phone number you get. If you live in the US or Canada, you can save your voice minutes as you can make unlimited free calls within these areas. You also get free credits on a monthly basis for other use.

What You Need

The good thing with GrooVe IP is the possibility of this application to work on any Android tablet or phone. It comfortably allows you to make calls by using WiFi or mobile data connection. Smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection can easily handle this task as you can convert it into a full-featured phone. This can result in free calls without you needing a mobile plan.

GrooVe IP has a dialer that lets you call, add contacts, use features of the native dialer and call log. And many other favorite functions can be shared between the application and phone on a call by call basis. However, you should connect your Google Voice either to Google apps or Gmail account. Do not forget that you can receive incoming calls only if you go into your Google Voice account and enable it to forward an incoming call to Google chat.

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