SwifyJSON – handling JSON format in Swift (the right way)


In this short tutorial, I will should you how to parse JSON format using the SwiftyJSON library.
Handling JSON with Swift can be pretty messy, so this library helps you doing the parsing in a more cleaner and easier way.

Let’s compare the native and SwiftyJSON approach.


The native approach:

if let statusesArray = try? NSJSONSerialization.JSONObjectWithData(data, options: .AllowFragments) as? [[String: AnyObject]],
    let user = statusesArray[0]["user"] as? [String: AnyObject],
    let username = user["name"] as? String {
    // Finally we got the username


The SwiftyJSON approach:

let json = JSON(data: dataFromNetworking)
if let userName = json[0]["user"]["name"].string {
  //Now you got your value


As you can see the SwiftyJSON approach is more friendly than the native one. When you combine this library with Alamofire you are getting the perfect match for handling networking calls.


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