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Smartphone photography apps

We gained many benefits from the fast developing smartphone industry. The globalization brought by the internet era was a civilization turnover. But for me, the most important smartphone feature is the ability to capture every moment. That ability gives us a personal time-travel machine with a crispy clear preview of precious memories. Because of that, I choose this outstanding ability as the main subject in this article series where we are going to show how to improve your smartphone photography apps experience with different hacks, gadgets, and tricks.

Photography Apps That Make A Difference

It’s a well-known fact that the vast majority of the photo and video material on the internet comes from a smartphone. But the problem is quality. When compared with beginners DSLR camera, today’s average smartphone isn’t a match at all.There is also the problem with the scene setup, or better said the lack of it. Capturing the moment means pulling out your smartphone and taking a picture. Not making adjustments and searching the perfect angle.

So if we cannot take the perfect photo with our smartphone, we can sure make it perfect with a little help from some photo editing apps. The best apps out there allow you to do some pretty hefty editing directly on your smartphone. Pure magic available to the common people.

After using a couple of dozens of smartphone photography apps in the previous month, I’ve made a list containing the essential apps that you will need to make your photo stand out.


Smartphone-photography apps snapseed

Available both for iOS and Android, Snapseed is a photo editing application that allows you to tweak a photo taken with your device’s camera. Unlike the built-in photo editor, Snapseed allows you to fine-tune your photos with control over aspects like highlights/shadows, ambiance, etc. Users can use the various filters to give their photos a quick flair instead of making small adjustments. 

Who it’s for: Snapseed is for anyone moderately interested in smartphone photography. If you don’t mind posting blurry, out-of-focus photos to Facebook and Instagram, Snapseed is probably not for you.

Camera Zoom FX

Smartphone photography apps camera zoom fx

A classic among Android camera apps this camera app allows you to use preset filters but also lets you use it as a no frills, pure camera app. It will let you set up grid lines as well as display a stabilization indicator. It will let you configure tons of options and it has an incognito picture taking mode. Camera Zoom FX is available only at the Android Play Store as a free and paid app.

Who it’s for: Camera Zoom FX is meant for more advanced photographers, mostly because of its feature heavy approach.


Smartphone photography apps facetune

This app is all about portrait retouching, allowing you to easily fix faces; remove wrinkles; adjust the light and give your photo the professional feel. It’s available only as a paid version, both for the iOS and Android platform.

Who it’s for: This app is meant for everyone, no matter the level of experience or enthusiasm for photography. In the “perfect” online world we live in, this app can come quite handy.


Smartphone photography apps camera+

A camera app that packs features like a “stabilizer” to avoid blurry pictures and offers the ability to manually control both exposure and focus. This app is iOS exclusive.

Who it’s for: Camera+ is meant for more advanced photographers, but everyone can try it out thanks to its user-friendly design.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Last but not least, the original reality changer. Adobe made a photo editing app with no advanced export options, but easy enough that even clumsy fingers will achieve great results thanks to its touch-friendly interface. And the best of all it’s free on the App Store and the Play Store.

Who it’s for: This app is meant for everyone, thanks to its easiness of use.

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