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What is the best job in the world? The question may seem subjective, but there is a strong case for the answer being “actor”. We know actors as people who come out in plays, television shows, or movies.

However, one saying goes that actors are people who live a thousand lives. They wear a thousand faces and experience multiple jobs, successes, problems, and lifetimes. It is a profession that could encompass all other professions.

If you are an actor or someone who wants to start in acting, there are many avenues that you can turn to for your start. There are certain schools that you can enrol in and attend. There are also certain programs and seminars out there. In today’s climate, there may also be some videos online that can help you along the way.

One other resource within reach are people who already have experience as actors. These people may be able to share some tips and even have an opportunity available for actors who are looking to make their way in the world.
Fortunately, there is a digital space where actors can come together, share experiences, and open up possibilities for one another.

Inside the Actor’s Studio

There was a very famous show that delved into the mind of actors. It was called Inside the Actor’s Studio and was hosted by James Lipton. It was a great show that asked famous actors questions. This allowed for people to hear their stories, gain some tips, and understand how they became famous.

In WeChat’s actor group chat, you have access to the actors themselves. You have direct access to the treasure trove of these actors or actresses’ minds!

First, ask how they got into acting. Did they start acting when they were young? Were they inspired by any actor, show, or play? Also, it may be interesting to find out what their first ever acting job was.

Apart from history though, you can talk to people about their acting experiences and get some tips! How does an actor get into character? Are there any preparation techniques that they can share with you? How does an actor cry on command?

Always Be Prepared for an Opportunity

The WeChat actor group chat can also be a place for opportunities. If you are just starting in your acting career, you can ask other actors if they have an acting opportunity ready for you.

Make sure to get as much as details as possible for an acting opportunity. What is the play, film, or movie about? What is the character like? How are they meant to be played?

Once on the topic of opportunities, it may not be so harmful to ask about tips when applying for acting jobs. What is the best way to act in an acting screening test? How do they usually go? What are the do’s and don’ts there?

You can also ask for things that are very popular in today’s works. You may use this information to prepare for certain interviews and roles.

Finally, if you aren’t an actor but certainly need one, you can come to these group chats with the hopes of hiring one. Be sure to ask what their experience is and, if you are offering pay, what their rates are.


This online area is a really great place for actors to come together. It helps actors to better themselves by the advice that is being shared with one another. It also acts as a gateway for other actors who are looking to get started.

By all intents and purposes, these group chats are a place for preparation and opportunity. While actors though, please remember that you should always act sincerely when interacting with one another.

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