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Do you know where the Greater Bay in China is?

In an effort to create more opportunities for wealth, China envisions a cluster of cities that, together, will collectively build up a strong economy. This cluster is called the Greater Bay Area and it is in Southern China.

This area is between Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. It is their hope that this Greater Bay Area will rival other cities that are also found on bays. These include cities like San Francisco and even Tokyo.

If you are interested about this Greater Bay Area and want to learn more about it, why not join WeChat’s Greater Bay group chat? In this group chat, you will find people who are knowledgeable on the topic or, like you, want to collect more information about it.

Consult the topics and questions below if you don’t know where to start when talking about the Greater Bay Area.

Let’s Start at the Start

If you aren’t at all familiar with the Greater Bay Area, just start at the very beginning. Ask what the Greater Bay is? While it was introduced above, people in the WeChat Greater Bay group chat may provide more information.

In addition, you can ask why it was decided to build the Greater Bay. What pushed or motivated China to build the Greater Bay Area? How long ago did they decide to do so? What cities are included and why did China decide on including these key cities into their plan?

Perhaps you can put the last question into context by asking about how each city contributes to the GDP of China. You can also delve into the benefits of the Greater Bay Area. What does each city contribute to the plan? Is it the ease of transportation? The ports in the area?

It would be interesting to look at the various industries that will play a part. What are the key industries in the area? Would they include technology and manufacturing?

Through Their Eyes

If you can get a hold of people who live in the area, the questioning can get a little more personal. Through these people, you can delve into how the Greater Bay Area will affect their lives.

Get their perspective on China’s plan. How do they feel about the Greater Bay Area including the city that they live in? Ultimately, how would it change the way they lived their lives? Are they excited about the change coming?

If they are excited, what are they doing to prepare themselves for it? Are there a lot of people coming in to try and capitalize on the Greater Bay Area?

If they aren’t excited, what are the reasons for these? Do they think that the Greater Bay Area plan has some holes? What would they do to improve it?

Being Great

It seems that the Greater Bay Area plan is a massive one. It will be very interesting to see what will happen as the days go by.

With a plan so big, it is always good to be in the know regarding this topic. Use the resources that you have and find out as much as you can as we prepare for the coming of the Greater Bay Area.

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