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In today’s pandemic-laden climate, health is the most important currency. Without it, all other opportunities fall by the wayside and just turn into dust. Thus, it is always important to stay healthy!

However, the problem is that it is not really the wisest decision to be out and about. Social distancing is still one of the best measures that people can take to keep healthy.

With such a conundrum, how can people head out to hospitals and even dentists? How would people have check-ups and treatments?

The answer can be found via WeChat’s medical group chat.

Apart from this, you can use the group chat to ask others about certain conditions, the latest medical trends and practices, and practical health tips.

Here are a few questions to guide you in your conversations.

Health is Wealth

When you join the WeChat medical group chat, you can ask a variety of things about today’s pandemic. What are the latest updates with the virus? Is a vaccine underway? How are the countries faring?

More importantly, you can also ask about the best tips and practices that will help people stay away from the virus. Does exercise help? What vitamins should people take? Does a person’s diet factor into getting the virus?

Apart from these, you should also ask about the current status of the world today from a medical expert’s point of view. What are some common medical problems that people have during this pandemic? Why are these the problems right now? And what can people do to avoid them?

Finally, you should ask these people about their experiences with the disease. Have they experienced anything having to do with COVID-19? Perhaps they have had a patient? What happened to the patient? Or how about a neighbor?

These experiences will hopefully give you some information about practical do’s and don’ts. Apply those in your life to stay healthy.

What’s Up, Doc?

This group chat is also an opportunity to connect with various medical and health professionals. As said previously, some hospitals and dentist’s offices are closed. However, the workaround is talking to the doctors and dentists directly in the group chat.

Reach out to a doctor and ask for help. If you are feeling sick or have a medical problem, talk to a doctor in the group chat and ask for advice. What medicine can you take? What can you do to alleviate any pain? If you have a disease or infection, what can you do to stop it?

You can also conceivably reach out to any doctor or dentist and set appointments. There are some doctors that make house calls. If you find them in the group chat, perhaps you can set an appointment for a check-up at your house.

For dentists, it is highly unlikely that they make house calls. However, if you set it up, they could open their facility for some dental work for you.

Medical Mates

The WeChat medical group chat is a great way to connect with health professionals like doctors and dentists. You will not only have access to up-to-date information about the pandemic, you can also ask about other health and medical issues that you may encounter.

More importantly, you will be able to consult and meet doctors and dentists if they are willing.

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