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Wanting to talk so much about music?

While art is the way we paint our space, music is the way we paint our time. And a life full of music is a colorful life indeed.

Music is a simple joy really. It is everywhere, even inside of us. Even a mundane task can be made fun by simple humming or singing. Life is made even more colorful if you play instruments and make music.

Learning an instrument is a good discipline to have. It allows for the exercise of one’s creativity. With all the resources found online, it has become easier and more convenient to learn how to play one instrument.

Conversely, due to the pandemic, it has become a bit harder to find other musicians to play with. With WeChat’s musicians group chat though, finding other musicians is not so hard anymore.

Follow this guide to make your group chat experience more harmonic.

Stringing Notes Together

If you love music, then you know the joy of finding other people who love music too. The sharing of experiences feels good as people can often relate to one another. This builds a stronger bond between the musicians.

Ask people in the WeChat musicians group chat how they got into music. What was the moment? Was it a specific song or band? Was it a concert? Or maybe it was through the records and songs their parents played.

Similarly, ask them how they got started playing their instruments. If they play guitar for example, you might ask what guitarist influenced them. What kind of genre do they play and why?

Depending on what instrument you play, you may ask other instruments that play the same instruments for tips. What exercises can you do to improve your own playing? Are they videos from YouTube or a certain music school? Field for various tips with your instrument.

Of course, a conversation between musicians is not complete without asking about what the other person is listening to. Who are their favorite bands, acts, and singers? What concerts did they recently go to and which are the best ones?

Also ask who they are listening to right now and what songs comprise their most current playlist.

Band On-the-Line

Today’s pandemic encourages people to stay at a healthy distance. The fact is that if we get nearer to people, this could increase exposure to the virus. Thus, it is always best – at least now – to stay at a distance.

This is where the group chat shines. Through the power of the internet, you’ll be able to easily talk to other musicians. You may choose just to get to know them. However, you may also reach out to other musicians and recruit them for some online sessions.

There are many platforms right now that allow people to connect online. Once you have found the right musicians, come together on your preferred online platform – like Zoom or Skype – and start jamming! Exercise your skills in a band setting and start either playing or writing songs.

If you are in need of musicians, you can also use the group chats to hire musicians for any occasion. Just be sure to ask the following: What instruments and songs do they play? How long have they played at certain events? And how much is their fee?

Come Together

Paint more of your time with the beautiful color of music. Connecting with other musicians has never been easier. You can start practicing, jamming, and creating new music with musicians from far away.

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