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Is Politics really all that bad?

Politics is a touchy subject that some people can’t really stomach. In some cases, the difference in opinions makes others very uncomfortable. However, there are many benefits to talking about politics.

For one, the fact that people are uncomfortable about it is a good reason why to talk about it. People need to fight through the discomfort and talk about politics.

It not only opens up a person’s mind, but it also improves wholesome and fair communication.

Apart from these, it allows people to respect a person’s right to have and voice their own opinions.

In doing these with the people around you, you can more easily develop a more meaningful relationship.

Fortunately, this can easily be done through WeChat’s group chats. Join a group of like-minded individuals who want to talk about politics. Explore different points of view and develop your ability for talking about politics.

In this article, we’ll help guide your experience in the political group chat by talking about several topics that you can talk about.

Political Parties and Issues

When talking to people about politics, ask about the political figures that they admire. Who are these people? What was their upbringing? What have they done in office? And most importantly, why do they admire these specific people?

You can also ask the same thing about political parties. Which political parties do they support and why?

Once you ask about people and parties, you will naturally flow to their platforms. What do these people stand for? What problems are they trying to solve?

If you continue further, you’ll eventually start talking about the various issues in the country and even in the world. Understanding the various issues will bring you back to asking about which candidates and political figures are supporting or trying to solve these issues.

On Voting


Another good topic when talking about politics is voting. You can ask other people who they have voted for in past elections and why. You can probe further and ask their opinions on which political figures or parties they’ll be voting for. Currently, hot pockets of discussion are on:

  • Whether there should be a test for voters?
  • How the current voting process is and if it could be improved?
  • How do people decide who to vote for?
  • If not voting is a statement in itself?
  • And if voting should be mandatory?

Guiding Principles

These are only a few questions that you can ask when talking about politics. Since politics is a very touchy subject for some, here are a few guiding principles that you should follow to ensure you have an effective discussion.

First, remember to keep an open mind. Politics is like a massive kaleidoscope with multiple view holes. When you look through it, you see many different dynamic shapes. When you add the view from other people’s view holes, their dynamic shapes are added to your.

If you ever come across an opinion that you don’t agree with, don’t become emotional about it. Instead, seek to understand their side first. There may be a reason why they feel strongly about one opinion or another.

If you still don’t agree with it afterwards, then respect their opinion. Do not try to educate other people and do not judge them for their opinions.

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