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Called to teach

Teaching is a noble profession. Some people even say that it is a vocation. It is a position that should be held at high regard. These people are tasked with shaping and molding the minds of the coming generations.

It is often said that the children have the future in their hands. Well before it gets to them, it is in the teacher’s hands first and foremost.
With a position so important, it wouldn’t be unthinkable that they ask for all the help that they can get.

One easy way of doing this is by connecting with teachers in WeChat’s teachers group chat. Use the questions in this article as a guide to what questions you can and should ask other teachers in the group chat.

Enlightening Experiences

Experience is key to carrying out a good job. It is no different for being a teacher. Once in the WeChat group chat, you should ask other teachers about their experiences. These may help you along the way. Hopefully, you can apply their advice to your own teaching experiences.

This is really the best time to ask about their teaching experiences. For one, you can ask about how to take care and teach children who are misbehaving. Depending on the child, the way to handle them may differ.

Apart from misbehaving, ask other teachers how to ensure that the children learn better. What are the strategies one can employ to make sure that information is readily absorbed and can be produced when the need arises. What are the available and best teaching techniques for this?

One technique you can hone in on is communication. Communication is key when teaching. It may be wise to ask about the different kinds of learners in the classrooms. What techniques are effective for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners?

More importantly, what are good general communication techniques for students?

Subject Expertise

One other topic topic that you can talk about is the individual subjects that are being taught in the classroom. Whether it is math, history, science, literature, and more specialized subjects, the way to teach each subject widely differs.

Ask other teachers about certain tips that they can share on teaching specific subjects.

If you are new to teaching, you can probe on different subjects. Which subject is the hardest to teach? Which is the easiest subject to teach? What are the challenges for teaching each subject? It is also important to understand why these are the cases.

A Teacher Community

With teachers coming from various areas, you can also ask which schools are great to teach at. Which are the best schools to apply for teaching and why?

Apart from gathering information though, joining WeChat’s teachers group chat is a valuable opportunity to build a teaching community. Think of a community that includes teachers from all over, with varying experiences and expertise.

Who knows? You may also be able to either ask a fellow teacher for some assistance in finding a teaching job, or even pay it forward and help a teacher find a job.

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