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Toast to the future – join a WeChat group of wine enthusiasts

It has been said that a glass of wine a day is good for the heart. It is a healthy addition to a day. However, there are many other reasons as to why people love wine.

In fact, there are some people that love wine so much that they become wine enthusiasts or aficionados.

Much like the roots that led to the creation of wine, the love for wine runs deep. There is so much to learn about wine. People can go online and learn what they can. They can also travel abroad to the many famous vineyards.

One other way though is by reaching out to fellow wine enthusiasts and discussing wine.

A quick and easy way to do so is by joining a WeChat group of wine enthusiasts.

WeChat is currently the biggest social media platform in China. Apart from its many apps and functions, it also plays host to billions of people. You will no doubt be able to connect with several wine enthusiasts and talk about its many deep facets.

Let’s check out several things that you can talk about with other fellow wine enthusiasts.

How is it?

The first and most obvious thing to talk about with other wine enthusiasts is wine! There are many different kinds of wine out in the market right now. However, you can be sure that wine enthusiasts only like wine of quality.

Ask about what wines they like the most. These could be from the expensive brands to the more affordable ones.

You can also ask about why they like these wines. The reasons they give will make you want to try the wines. Seek them out and see whether you experience the same things that other wine enthusiasts do.

WeChat Wine Enthusiasts Group

Retracing their steps will not only grow your appreciation for wines, but also add to your skills as a Sommelier. You don’t know what that is? A sommelier is someone who is a well-trained and knowledgeable professional specializing in everything about wine service – from the types, brands, food pairing. You normally find them in fine dining restaurants as their wine experts.

You can also ask other important things like what food is best paired with a specific wine, the ideal temperature for a wine, the alcohol percentage, and much more.

Where is it From?

Wine is more than just a drink. It is more than the health benefits that it has, its taste, and how it makes people feel. Wine is about history and legacy, history, and tradition.

After asking experienced wine enthusiasts about their favorite wine, also try asking about the origins of the wine. Where does the wine come from? From what vineyard does it originate? These will inevitably lead to who their favorite wine sellers are.

Understanding which wine sellers are frequented will lead you down a path of discovery. You will want to understand why these wines are so loved.

After that, there is so much more to discover. You can also ask about the history of the vineyard itself. Even the various techniques used for specific wines.

Chances are these wine enthusiasts could also be collectors. As such, you’d be able to ask about which wines are the best to invest in for this year.

In Vino Veritas

As the saying goes, “In Vino Veritas”. Roughly translated it means, “in wine is the truth.” This saying is usually used because when people have had a few glasses of wine, the truth usually comes out.

However, the love of wine is in itself a journey for truth. It is a journey for personal truth and likes as people search for their favorite bottles and tastes of wine. It is also a more holistic journey for truth as people discover the different vineyards and the origins of their wines.

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Whatever journey it is though, you can be sure you won’t go through it alone.
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